Choosing a smartphone and smart gadgets - the process is scrupulous and complex because the phone has long been out of the category of luxury products. Nowadays, a smartphone is a basic necessity, in fact, on a level with a toothbrush, moreover, as well as with brushes, at first glance it seems that all gadgets are identical and perform the same functions, in fact, the difference in small things plays a key role.

Why do you need a smartphone?

To choose a high-quality smartphone, you need to consider it from all sides, this is exactly what we will do. When it comes to choosing a phone, each person feels like a real expert. At the same time, people do not take into account that opinions can not fundamentally coincide. Really, think for a second - what do you need a smartphone for? Today gadgets are issued for any age, gender, and social status. Moreover, each device performs almost the same tasks. And it does not depend on the operating system. The modern smartphone, in addition to calls and sending SMS, there are other important functions: surfing the Internet - now it is possible to the Global Web from anywhere in the world, having only a good phone; Watch movies and listen to audio in excellent quality; work with office programs; communication on Skype and its analogs; solving everyday tasks. It is very important to realize what exactly you need - all the provided functions or only calls with fast messages. If you do not use the Internet and do not watch all kinds of videos, then the smartphone will be an unnecessary ballast. Buy yourself a simple cell phone with classic functions, and you can distribute the saved money to something more useful.

Which smartphone is better?

Today, there is a conglomerate selling phones around the world, waging eternal war and competition. These are smartphone manufacturers who managed to make a name for themselves. Companies that are in demand and have played an important role in the development of the market. In this material, we will analyze the improvised rating of smartphone firms based not so much on sales as on the quality of products, profits and customer satisfaction. Which is better: Android, iOS or Windows Phone It's time to choose the operating system for your smartphone. It depends on this, how convenient for you will be the functionality of the device, as well as the prospect of development, because there are constantly new applications that can not be installed on any OS.


One of the most popular and simple operating systems. Going to any hardware store, you will see a lot of smartphones based on Android. That is why its main advantage is a large selection of models and manufacturers. If you are considering how to choose an inexpensive but good smartphone, buy the device. Also for Android, there is a huge software support. Once you open PlayMarket and discover thousands of different programs that increase the functionality of the gadget, the flashlight is the most primitive thing you can install. It can be summed up that Android, despite the pros and cons, is the most common operating system.


This Apple operating system is designed for those who want a reliable smartphone. iOS offers the largest functionality. What kind of bells and whistles cannot be installed on an iPhone, there are both paid and free applications. This operating system offers users more than a million different toys and this despite the fact that almost every day there is something new. Today Apple phones are preferred by thousands of teenagers. But iOS is also not ideal, has its pros and cons and is suitable for use only on Apple devices. With what operating system to buy - you decide. As a result, we can say that it is more suitable for people who like the ease of use and fast playback.

Windows Phone

If you trust Microsoft, then you will like this OS. Its main advantage is the ability to work on the phone in the same way as on a computer, basically, it is felt on Microsoft Office documents. The downside of such an operating system is slow work and a relatively small number of applications compared to analogs. You should think about the choice of this OS. Another OS list is unlimited, Symbian, Bada, Blackberry OS - it is possible to list for a long time. Each of them has its own advantages, some take customers functional, others - the speed of work.

Review of smartphones and gadgets

in 1review2day you will find an overview of smartphones and smart gadgets, having familiarized with which you can choose for yourself the most suitable product. On our site, you will find reviews of popular models and new products of smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, digital smart gadgets and other equipment to pick up the device in place of the old one, having previously studied all the advantages, disadvantages, and detailed reviews and specifications. The reviews of smartphones will be useful to everyone who plans to choose for themselves a gadget with good characteristics, autonomy, and support for new features. In each review, we try to reflect as closely as possible the features of the device design, its technical characteristics, and functionality. All information is supplemented with pictures to make it easier for you to perceive it. In addition, we test models in synthetic tests, so that you have an idea of the level of their productivity. Overview of smartphones Xiaomi provides an opportunity to learn the features of one of the best Chinese manufacturers. Now each company actively develops technologies and tries in each novelty to offer something new, which distinguishes it from its competitors. The characteristics of the device can be found on the manufacturer's website or online store, but it's much better to read detailed reviews of smartphones, which reveals all the strengths and weaknesses of the model. The site of phone reviews MobileGaget for your convenience is divided into a catalog with different categories by manufacturers. With us, you will be able to find an unbiased opinion on each device, an objective assessment of the characteristics, design, and functionality of gadgets. Our reviews of smartphones reveal not only all the advantages but also the weaknesses of the device, warning users about possible unpleasant moments when working with a gadget. We conduct a review of not only smartphones, but also tablets, laptops, and accessories for them. In some reviews, we perform a comparative analysis of models regarding their functionality, parameters, reliability, convenience, sound quality and photography. Mobile phone review sites will help you choose the most suitable model for the entire range of manufacturers. Of course, we touch upon the cost of the device, but this is not a defining moment, we take into account all the characteristics and features. Website reviews of laptops will help you determine the choice of model and manufacturer. When choosing a laptop, you must, first of all, consider its purpose and budget, which you are ready to allocate for its acquisition. For example, for work, you can choose a compact and inexpensive ultrabook, but for games and multimedia entertainment will require a professional model.
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